The Amateur Golf Alliance was founded to promote the amateur game at the highest level of competition.

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Born from a love of the game.

The Amateur Golf Alliance was started to promote and enhance competitive amateur golf. Today professional golf dominates interest in the game but there was a time when amateur golf was just as popular as professional golf. AGA Executive Committee member Marvin “Vinny” Giles remembers playing in front of fifteen to twenty thousand spectators at Walker Cup Matches. With an eye towards giving amateur golf a shot in the arm, AGA President Alan Fadel drove the creation of the Concession Cup. Now the AGA plans to build on this success by creating more events and taking on initiatives that will benefit the amateur game.


Photos from the 2014 Concession Cup.

Amateur Golf Alliance fundraising

The AGA raises funds to support and promote the amateur game. Contributions will be used to conduct AGA competitions, provide amateur golfers throughout the globe more opportunities to compete at national and international events, and fund research and initiatives that will enhance the landscape of competitive amateur golf.

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Frank “Sandy” Tatum

“Simply put, without amateurs there would be no game of golf. They created the game, they nurtured it, they govern it, they make the rules that define the game, their play sustains the creation and the development of all the golf courses and it is they who, in the final analysis, provide the money that supports the professional game.”

Richard Tufts

“In my mind an amateur is one who competes in a sport for the joy of playing, for the companionship it affords, for health-giving exercise and for relaxation from more serious matters. As part of his light-hearted approach to the game, he accepts cheerfully all adverse breaks, is considerate of his opponent, plays the game fairly and squarely in accordance with the rules, maintains self-control and strives to do his best, not in order to win, but rather as a test of his own skill and ability. These are his only interests, and, in them, material considerations have no part. The returns which amateur sport will bring to those who play it in this spirit are greater than those any money can possibly buy.”