Selection criteria for 2016 USA Concession Cup team announced

The selection criteria for the USA team for the 2016 Concession Cup has been announced. Team members will be comprised from a combination of spots earned through amateur ranking and selections by the Amateur Golf Alliance.

For the second playing of the Concession Cup on April 21-23, 2016 at Concession Golf Club, the USA team will include players who have earned spots through their position in the World Amateur Golf Ranking™ (WAGR™) as well as AGA selections, based on a list of criteria that will include results from top amateur tournaments leading up to the Concession Cup, and career performance and accomplishments. The USA team will have eight mid-amateurs (25+), eight senior amateurs (55+), and two super seniors (65+). The top four mid-amateurs and senior amateurs in WAGR™ will earn automatic selections and the rest of the players will come from AGA selections led by playing captain Vinny Giles.

Please see the full press release on the Concession Cup website for more information.

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